COBRA has aligned with professional partners who, together, have not only agreed to provide services on a shared value basis but also, when required, on a ‘Cobra Gifted Value’ basis, subject to the company qualifying in terms of its means. If a business qualifies for Cobra Gifted Value program, professional fees will be reduced or written-off entirely by our partners to ensure a successful outcome for the business in question. Once sufficiently resuscitated, the business will move from the Cobra Gifted Value program to its share value offering.

The Cobra Gifted Value services and assistance provided include:

  • The business rescue process itself
  • The full suite of legal and accounting services
  • The creation and implementation of a business rescue plan, utilising the complete turnaround skillsets of the COBRA coalition and its associates
  • Legal advice in relation to entering the business rescue process
  • The drafting and lodgment of CIPC documentation in the event a business rescue becomes necessary
  • Constant engagement with business owners and management via webinars
  • Private virtual meetings for professional strategic, HR, accounting, and legal guidance
  • Assistance in applying for benefits under the various relief funds
  • Cover of the costs of a High Court application converting a failed business rescue into a liquidation, normally in the region of R30k – R50k.