Complex in its structure, the COBRA initiative and Consortium is better understood through video. For a clearer understanding of this initiative, and its offerings, view the selection of webinars published below. Watch interviews with coalition members, partners and the founders and gain a more in-depth understanding of COBRA from all aspects.

Ever caught by cyber crime

Don’t get caught by cyber criminals. Cyber-crime can ruin your business and is a formidable risk to consider when working remotely or from home.
Join COBRA’s guest speakers David Loxton,
Claus Tepper and Mary Faulks as they take us through some practical and implementable tools and advice on:
- What you need to look out for.
- How to prevent cyber-crime from happening to you during the worlds “now normal” working from home situation,
- What to do if you suddenly find yourself a victim of cyber-crime.
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